25 November 2012

I've been trying to do this 'website' thing a while now, without a whole lot of success. It's been two years since I last rebuilt my site, with the intention of making lovely, art-directed posts every month or two.

As it happened, that mostly gave me a reason not to post. So I didn't.

A lot's changed since then. I left my comfortable job at the Center for American Progress to come to New York and work at a startup; not quite a year later, I left there as well.

I've also changed toolsets a lot. When I built the old site, I did it in PHP, with Stacey, a pretty great little flat-file CMS. Since then, I've spent a lot more time learning Python; this time around I'm using Flask, a super-flexible Python web framework.

The old site was meticulously patterned out in Illustrator, too. This one (apart from the banner) was done entirely in the browser. It's responsive, which was hardly a thing back then.

So a lot is new. Now I'm trying to find something new to do (Suggestions? Please let me know! I'm @futuraprime on Twitter.). The new website's part of that. Hopefully, only the beginning.